“Bar Zorrilla” Restaurant. Much more than a bar.

Bar Zorrilla is a charming restaurant in the center of Pego, where you can enjoy dishes and tapas typical of the region, all washed down with a selection of wines.

Run by the family Dominguis Sendra, the Bar Zorrilla has combined tradition with modernity. It was opened more than 30 years ago by Evaristo Dominguis and Pepa Sendra, and today continues its journey with renewed enthusiasm driven by Evaristo and Pepa's children and grandchildren.

Especially famous from Bar Zorrilla is its rice crust. A Pego native meal consisting of rice, meat and eggs whose original recipe is disputed with Elche.

The story goes that it was a lady from Pego which emigrated to Elche and made the recipe popular there. Although surely the story of Elche is the same but with a protagonist from Elche the truth is that the Pego rice crust has a unique flavor that you cannot miss.